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Solar Cold Storage Solution

Solar Cold Storage Solution

Statcon Energiaa’s Cold Storage is the No.1 Solution for 24 X 7 power supply to cold storages  under harsh Indian conditions. With smart management of renewable Solar Power, the ECO HBD Inverter provides the advantage of lesser diesel costs and carbon footprint. It is installed in many cold storages  in India with an average payback period  of about 1.5 to 3 yrs.

This technology has made cold-storage power supply much more simpler and efficient as cold storages require constant power supply to maintain quality of food produce. As of March 2018, there are more than 6300 cold storages in India which require uninterrupted power supply.

Currently in India most cold storage units run on Diesel Generators and intermittent Grids that result in inefficiency and an increased operating cost for the owner. Typically, a cold storage’s electric loads are non-continuous, consisting of Main compressor motor (100-200hp), Pump Motor (10-30hp), Blower Motors (2-10hp) and numerous fans. As a result the capacity of DG Set is over 2.5 times the normal running loads.

Statcon Energiaa offers a state-of-the-art solar hybrid solution designed to increase efficiency and reduce electricity bills. It caters to the 24 X 7 power need of cold storages and can also export excess Solar Energy into Grid thus increasing the return on investment.


  • Diesel costs are rapidly increasing.
  • It requires frequent opening and closing of valves resulting in loss of Ammonia pressure.
  • Solar is wasted during 3 months when cold storage is shut down.
  • Huge amount of diesel consumption throughout the year.


  • Save lakhs of rupees in diesel costs each year with reduced diesel consumption.
  • Uninterrupted power supply ensures that this does not remain an issue.
  • Export excess energy to grid via net metering and earn money even when the cold storage is closed.
  • A properly sized solar plant eliminates the switching on of DG Set and will bring down your diesel expense to almost zero.

Statcon Energiaa ECO HBD Cold Inverter
Backed by 30 years experience, the complete system is built with Solar Panels, special VFD inverters, battery, a bi-directional hybrid inverter – all controlled through a PLC with remote monitoring for maximum savings and smooth running of your cold storage cost.

Customized battery selection.
Day Loads shared by Solar + Grid + Battery. Night Loads are supplied with Battery + Grid or Batter +DG.
The system can be integrated with existing VFD’s.

Special Features:

  • VFD COUPLING*: VFD Coupling at DC end controlled through PLC
  • ACTIVE FRONT END TECHNOLOGY: Low distortion O/P at unity power factor Increased battery life by avoiding PSOC condition
  • GRID SYNCHRONISED: Export excess PV power to grid through grid synchronisation.
  • SCHEDULING* : Controlled scheduling via keypad or PLC BASED Battery charging according to TOD Programmable night saving mode
  • BESS FEATURES*: Peak load shaving/ load leveling Voltage/ Frequency regulation Time shifting applications

*Note : These features are available in selected models at extra cost. Extra hardware/ software modules are required to implement these features.

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