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Lithium Batteries for storage

Lithium Batteries for storage

Statcon Energiaa is the best manufacturer, supplier and exporter of lithium ion battery storage systems in Uttar Pradesh. The demand for lithium ion technology is increasing at a faster rate today. They are a common source of power that is used to power our everyday products such as cell phones, laptops, power tools and even some vehicles. As technology is changing daily focusing on big data, speed and mobility the importance of reliable portable power is extreme and also rising steadily.

Our lithium ion battery storage is becoming popular all around the globe as the power option for large and small cleaning equipment in many companies. There are benefits of these lithium ion batteries are immense. Some of the benefits are as follows:


Unlike the batteries that are flooded with lead acid and has water levels that should be checked every time, the batteries do not need any water. This will lessen the level of maintenance that is necessary to keep the battery in good condition and also working. This way one doesn’t have to train the new members of your team to monitor the machines to make sure that the level of water is correct. The lithium ion battery is low maintenance.


The lifespan of the lithium ion battery is around eight years or sometimes more. With the long service life, it offers you with return on your investment in the battery technology.

Fast And Easy Charging

The lithium ion battery storage system has a fast-charging feature. Using these batteries means that you have to face less or no downtime for the machine while it is tethered to charge the station. In a busy facility of course the less time a machine had to sit idle, the better. Also, it lessens the downtime of the machine. The lithium ion battery can be an opportunity charge. This means that the cleaning procedure does not have to be designed around the need to allow a battery to fully charge in between uses and also simplifies training for team members.

Environmental Impact

The lithium ion batteries of our company provide you with a significant benefit over the other fossil fuel alternatives. With the steady increase in electric vehicles, we are seeing an immediate impact in the reduction of carbon emissions. Reduce the use of cleaning machines that work using gas not only you will save on long term costs but it will help your business to be more sustainable.

Safer Facilities

Reduce the accident risk and also make the air quality indoors better by reducing the exposure to flammable duel and acid that is used in the battery by using lithium ion technology. Also, this battery storage works quietly with low DBA sound levels.

Choose our Lithium ion battery storage system for your use. These amazing benefits and advantages of our batteries are popular and demand our products. Our products are affordable and fit the budget of all our customers and clients.

To know more about our products and services call us and speak to our executives. They will answer all your question and queries and will fulfil all your requirements.

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