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Solarisation At Bottling Plant IOCL, Leh

Posted by Admin on March, 30, 2021

Plant is running for heavy motors simultaneously which includes two no of LPG compressor each rated capacity 18.5 KW .one of screw compressor of capacity 30 KW And two no of LPG PUMP Of rated capacity 15 KW.

During intial period in morning approximate solar insolation around 70% and battery charging level is round 75 % after consumed load by batteries in night,batteries are not able to charge completely in a day as solar unit generated by solar plant is completely consumed for plant operational load in a day and for night illumination load around 10 kw (required 120 unit for 12 hours) which is running by batteries .Hence in morning around 75 % charging of batteries available on observed days .

During Starting of heavy motors which is mentioned above starting current requirement is very high and the maximum current given by batteries is limited due to which DG is to be operated for Providing starting current to all the heavy motors.

In a day of operation of LPG compressor, required 4 to 5 times ON-OFF for tank lorry decantation Due to which after every 2 to 2.5 hour operation of DG is required to giving starting current to motors.

Hence we are recommended to you ,kindly installed the VFD in all the LPG compressor as per related capacity and extend the pv modules & batteries of 100 KWp .In the Existing system (Provision has been already provided )

So that plant can fully operated on solar power system and there is no need of DG operation for the starting of heavy motors.

Data generated/consumed observation in last three days.

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