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Solar Power System And Its Components: Explained

Posted by Admin on March, 30, 2021

In this era of an environmental crisis which is constantly calling for higher usage of eco-friendly and sustainable means of producing electricity, the installation of solar panels and inverters for power generation is one of the best ways to contribute towards the betterment of the environment.

Here is a list of the PV system basics:

  • Panels:Solar panels are the most visible element of your system, which is why you’re likely the most familiar with it. They are, in essence, the “face” of solar. If you go out and look up and down your street right now, you will likely be able to tell who does and doesn’t have solar energy powering their home purely by looking for solar panels on their rooves.
  • Inverters:Their purpose is to convert the DC electricity that the solar panels produce into AC electricity, which is what powers everything in your home. The inverter is a hardworking piece of equipment that works constantly throughout the lifetime of your system – so it tends to be the piece most likely to have faults. This means they usually only have a warranty of around 5 years. For this reason, we will always recommend that you choose a high-quality inverter that is easily serviceable such as Statcon Energiaa.
  • Batteries: Batteries are used to store energy generated during the day to be used throughout the night when the system is no longer generating power. Battery technology is quickly developing into a more feasible option for those who primarily use their energy in the evenings.
  • Mounting equipment:Mounting your PV panels is of critical importance. First, you need to mount the panels where they’ll get maximum sunshine over the course of a year. But the more difficult problem is to mount them with enough integrity that they’ll stay put for 25 years or more.

Energiaa’s HBD range of Solar Hybrid Inverters is the No.1 Trusted Hybrid Solar Technology in the Indian market. Active front end interface enables it to store renewable energy in the battery as well as export any excess solar power generated, to the grid through net meter, resulting in improved savings at consumer end.

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