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Heralding The Era Of Energy Storage Systems

Posted by Admin on March, 30, 2021

The declining cost of storage, along with that of rooftop solar installations, is likely to change the future dynamics of the Indian power sector.

The feasibility of storing solar power using batteries and using it during peak times is increasing due to falling battery prices. At present, in India, commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers face steep electricity costs, as well as frequent disruptions in the power supply. Installing a solar plus storage system can address both these issues and significantly reduce the electricity bills.

Solar with Storage system has dual benefits for both End-consumers as well as the Discoms. For consumers, the benefits are:

  • Reliable and affordable power
  • Ready backup power
  • Saving cost of alternate energy from diesel generator sets (due to power cuts)
  • It is also an environmentally friendly option

For Discoms, it helps in the reduction of transmission and distribution losses and saves on the investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Statcon Energiaa’s Energy Storage System work on especially designed ACTIVE FRONT END (AFE) based bidirectional inverters with latest technology Lithium ion batteries. A combination of the two with IOT helps achieve ancillary services like:

  • Peak load shaving,
  • Energy Shift and Time of Day Charging
  • Load management
  • Uninterrupted Supply

Setting up technologically-advanced systems like ESS come with features like:

  • Smart usage of Solar, Li+ Battery and Grid power to gives the choice of energy in your hands
  • 3 | 5 KVA Solar Hybrid Inverters which can even run your 1.5T AC for hours during a power cut
  • Smart grid ready systems, can export to the grid and lower bills even when not being used

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